Our company strongly believes in providing simple solutions to counter every challenge. We work on deep domain experience with Advanced Analytics to deliver solutions that directly impact the
businesses of our customers.


Highly skilled technical resources. Mentored by a professor who has proven strong track records in the field of AI, machine learning, deep learning and natural processors.


Similar products available in the market but not so much generic as CODAA. Already has lead for PILOT implementation. Scope for seeking investor’s investment on CODAA.


No prior experience in building industrial recommendation AI product. There is no in house SME resource from manufacturing sectors.


Competitors like SAP, Sales Force, Sugar CRM are market leaders and have strong presence worldwide since couple of decades.

Finest E-Commerce Platforms

Learn, grow, and achieve with us!

Ecstasy is an absolute option to sell anywhere and everywhere and augment your productivity along the way


CodeData Technologies and CodeData Consulting are an integral part of our company. Our company, CodeData Technologies provide Digital Marketing service to our customers. Our highly skilled team of CodeData Technologies expertise in Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertisement, Email Marketing, Graphic Designing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Brand Communications, Inbound Marketing, Strategy Planning and Consultancy, Content Strategy and Creation, Web and App Development, and Video SEO.

Our Service

Web application development

CODAA enables systems to manufacture products through the economically sound process.

It consulting

CODAA uses AI to recommend changes, which enables the system to rapidly adopt the smart technique.

Digital Marketing

productivity, efficiency, quality and preventive maintenance.

Mobile app development

productivity, efficiency, quality and preventive maintenance.

Technologies We Use


CodeData Consulting expertise in providing the best consultancy services to our customers which believes in empowering vision and works toward attaining the defined business objective.

Comprehensive services for the industry, enabling its clients to focus on their core business activities and development planning.

Processing large amounts of data to drive real time actions and recommendations.

Use of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics to handle a large number of activity events in real time and the flexibility to get specific metrics.

Delivers solution through intelligent mobile for tech-savvy workforce.


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We believe in delivering
high-quality work and provide the best results to our customers. Your demand is our responsibility and your smile is our success.


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