CODAA products are based on a cloud platform and are highly secure. CODAA-m Mente is based on an Advance analytical platform.

Solo CODAA-s is based on the Transactional Management Platform, IPSO CODAA-I is based on Intelligent Mobile Application Platform, ENZO CODAA-e based on Intelligent Mobile Application Platform, ENZO CODAA-e based on Business Service Platform. These products are built around the fiber.

CODAA content is all platforms friendly. These platforms are mobile, desktops, tablets and all other mediums. Along with this, they are available to all browsers and versions. Also, CODAA content will be drafted in multiple languages.

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Mobile Application (Change the Icon)

We provide on Demand Mobile App in different Technology stack like Flutter, React Native or in Native platform for both Android & iOS.

Custom Software Development

We offer End-To-End State-of-the-Art IT Solutions that would be tailor made for your business needs includes AI, ML and Blockchain Development.


CODAA Persona

  • CODAA persona works under following steps:-
  • Mobile Workers who work on request service.
  • Service Manager: Assigns work and tracks the completion of the work.
  • Service Operation Executive: Interested in assets and Service Metrics.
  • Dispatchers and Schedulers: Dispatches and schedules the requested service of mobile workers.

CODAA-f (Fiber)

As it runs in a cloud environment, it provides infrastructure services like security, scalability, and execution to other services. Initially, it will be available on AWS (Amazon Web Service) and may be ported to other cloud services.

CODAA –f (Connect)

  • It is a secure data hub. It supports multiple file formats like JSON, CSV, and Avro. It also supports a Database system like PostgreSQL and MySQL (CODAA-f Connect Database) along with it will also support connectivity to the enterprise system. CFC will support initially SAP to ERP and Salesforce for CRM. For enhancement, connectors will be continuously be added.
  • Using cloud host CODAA fiber Authenticator CODA-f Secures supports Authorization and Authentication. The authenticator uses the OAuth2 protocol.
  • With data center regions CODAAf provides a secure and durable cloud Disaster recovery platform worldwide that enables rapid failover at scales.
  • CODAA service has been built with fault tolerance and high availability in mind. Fiber uses a combination of availability zones, flexible IP Addresses, and snapshots to maintain high availability.


It is an intelligent mobility platform exclusively responsible for the service needed for CODAA mobile App. These services will invoke as the mobile work interacts with CODAA mobile app. CODAA mobile app runs natively on IOS and Android.

CODAAm (Mente)

It is the brain of the CODAA product. It is CODAA’s advanced analytics platform powered by Al. It analyses a vast amount of data from multiplier sources and surfaces. It recommends and insights in real-time without the intervention of any user. As the product will be used more and more, its insights and recommendations will grow. A recommendation may include asset recommendation about preventive maintenance, workforce recommendation related to workforce distribution or service request recommendation related to labor and part usage.


It is CODAA’s business service platform. These services are invoked as the user interacts with CODAA. Application developers can integrate with these services to write extensions to CODAA. CODAA-e provides business services in the following categories.

CODAA-e Accounts

Companies that serve many customers are by creating an account to them. This section allows the creation, activation, deactivation, and removal of accounts, displays accounts, corresponding account managers, engagement levels also, other metrics related to better servicing of accounts.

CODAA-e Assets

An asset is defined as a longterm tangible property that a firm owns and uses in the production of its income. Asset Family is a group of similar assets. This section displays assets, asset locations, asset families, associated workers and services.

CODAA-e Service Requests

Service request is defined as a request for service on an asset. Service may include break-fixes, preventive maintenance, regular health checks, installation etc. Service requests get assigned to an individual r to a group of service mobile workers, who then take the request to completion using CODAA mobile apps. This section displays service requests, associated assets, workers and locations, and transactions to create new service requests and track them to completion.

CODAA-e Workforce

Displays users, user groups, user locations, user roles, user functions and transactions related to workforce management. User access to functions is defined here. User profiles and tasks and interactions of mobile workers can be monitor. Mobile workers can also download/upgrade to the latest version of CODAA mobile apps here.

CODAA-e System

Provides system to users with a visual system monitoring experience. The information displayed here may be used for checking the health of application services, accessing mobile access metrics and troubleshooting in case of issues. Notifications may be set up for system events of interest. Notifications are displayed in-app, push or as emails. Mobile usage and related metrics on service usage by mobile workers are also provided here.

Why Codaa?


Dedicated team to provide high customer satisfaction


Accumulates distributed data to improve productivity


Leads machine to be either fully operational or is ready to perform its intended function.


AI can improve Equipment Maintenance Strategies and also preventive maintenance


Making better products with generative design


Reduces performance burden leading to workforce satisfaction


Sets its benchmark in efficiency and IMPROVED MAINTENANCE LIABILITY product

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