The Team

Prasenjit Guha Thakurta
Founder and CEO

With the rising importance of ROVM (Return on Vision & Mission) and ROI (Return on Investment), leveraging the science and art of data driven solutions are the only focus points round this year! In fact, that kind of ambition helps to lead his Team to improve the businesses of Customers. Over the two decades of his experiences , he brings to CodeData the best possible supply chain starting from data analysis , strides over continuous business prospectsoncrossfunctionalplatforms andtaking care ofthecustomersatisfaction inexistingbusiness is considered. Hehas been acting the role ofleader, entrepreneurof morethan 16years.Hehastriedhisbesttobuildtheparamountteamculturewith propertraining andqualityaspirants etc.Duringhisstellar carrierhehasled withphenomenalteamforcompletion of targetinallthree divisions(Product,ProjectandConsulting).Itbringshistoricandinherentstrengthtofight with competitors and enhance the capabilities to fight against business challenges. Hope in future the spearheading processes will be developed to meetup the goals and customer satisfactions. He is based outof ourKolkata Office. He also believesin maintaining the synergyofourcustomer’s satisfaction as well as providing good return to our potential Investors.

Technical Consultant and Advisor

With more than 27 years of experience in Industry, R&D Design, Simulation and Optimization for the real-time application of AI, Machine Learning, Image, and Video Processing, etc, Dr. Alok Kole is presently the Professor of EE department at RCC Institute of Information Technology, Kolkata.

R&D and Innovations

Having started his career as an Instrumentation and Controls Engineer in ESSAR GUJARAT, Suresh Babu Sampath has over 28 years of experience in the field of Automation. He received his B.E. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Madras University, Chennai, India

Business Strategy Advisor

Born in a well known Zamindar Family of Baghalpur and a Calcutta University graduate, Mr. Nirbhay Kumar Singh has an artistic aristocracy and an inbred sense of appreciation. He is a globetrotter in search and collection of oldies of immense variety with an experience of nearly four decades in the business of gems and jewelry

Technical Advisor

A Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, Dr. Prithwish Kangsabanik received his bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institue of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur. He is currently working as a Senior Enterprise Architect at Swisscom, Switzerland

Business Consultant

He brings along with him, his laser sharp focus, a very positive attitude and good management quality towards the working environment. Qualified to a bachelors degree in commerce, he has over 15 years of business experience. Characterized as an entrepreneur, an inspiring leader and a strategic planner. One look at him and you know he means business.

We believe in delivering
high-quality work and provide the best results to our customers. Your demand is our responsibility and your smile is our success.


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